Fuel Station Crisis in UK 2021
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Fuel Station Crisis in UK 2021

Fuel Station Crisis in UK 2021. There is still a problem of fuel stations in the united kingdom. Now there’s a massive fuel crisis in the united kingdom. Petrol stations are shot as the prices of gas are rising the government insists that there is no shortage of petrol and alleges that the problem is with the supply chain. There is a death of heavy goods vehicles drivers which have affected the delivery of this fuel now on your screens are visuals from petrol stations across the UK.

Cars can be seen lined up people are holding petrol despite. Fuel Station Crisis in UK 2021 and the government’s advice against doing so meanwhile the UK transport secretary grant sharps has promised that authorities will do whatever it takes to resolve the tracker shortage which has affected a range of industries including supermarkets, in fact, the government is even considering to bring in the army to deal with the crisis. Visit here bbcnewsni

There’s plenty of petrol it needs to get distributed it’s like all the other you know goods and services. We buy in the
supermarkets as well it needs to be gotten to the location in terms of the shortage. Fuel Station Crisis in UK 2021 and we know that there is a there are a lot of drivers who want to take their HGV. Their driving tests were closed over the covid and about 40 000 couldn’t take their tests over that period of time so what we’re doing is moving heaven and earth.

Fuel Station Crisis in UK 2021 and also We’re getting those drivers tested and through the hand, they’re joining the marketplace so what has led to the shortage of truck drivers and why did it happen now both covet and Brexit are to be blamed. Many European drivers went home during covet and have refused to return due to bureaucratic huddles post. Brexit taxation system has also made it more expensive for European union drivers to work in the UK tests to hire new drivers could not take place because of covid induced restrictions fuel giants. visit here for more detalis

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